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Newsletter 12- May 2020
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Latest updates

Accesserator staff working from home to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and stay healthy. Offices are closed for walk-ins.

Accesserator to develop an Incubator Programme for entrepreneurs in Malawi this year..

Partners taking measurments and develop creative ideas to deal with COVID-19 situation.

Accesserator staff home working places during COVID-19...


We are developing business in several industries. Obviously in Malawi a lot of business cases are about agri-business. But we are interested in any topic that can make a profitable business case. As long as the businesses are scalable and will grow to a sustainable company. Our cases, running and prospects, are presented on our website.

About Accesserator

We are Accesserator, two professionals who see opportunities for doing business with Africa and especially Malawi. We bring knowledge and skills to the people, next to the needed money for starting a business. Welcome to our way of doing business in Africa. Read more about us...

Directors of Accesserator

Maarten Verboven

Experienced project manager in water, environment and spatial planning.

Robert Slijk

Business analyst and controller for start-ups and SME.

Patrick Namakhoma

Agricultural specialist and experienced implementer of projects in Malawi.

Emma Katengeza

Experienced developer of entrepreneurial talent and entrepreneur in Malawi.