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Accesserator will judge Malawian entrepreneurs in UNDP panel Growth Accelerator Programme

Accesserator is asked, as partner in the programme, to be in the panel of the Growth Accelerator Programme of United Nations Development Programme. We are attached to this programme as the SME investor of Malawi and will not only judge the business cases of the participating Malawian entrepreneurs. With the winners of this challenge, in need of equity, we will also come to a partnership if their case deems to fit us. We are excited about this opportunity to work together with UNDP and these entrepreneurs selected and trained by the qualified staff of this programme. Find out more about this programme.

CASDE Finance into partnership with Accesserator

Accesserator signed a new partnership with Patrick Namakhoma to start CASDE Finance for providing loans to individuals and SME entrepreneurs. This finance company goes one step further than providing only small credits to individuals. Special aim is to also help smaller, starting businesses to get short term loans pushing them through their steps of growth.This is a special partnership for us, extending our investment activities for SME and working with our Country Director in a different setting. Daily operations are led by Managing Director Goodwell Logeya. Read more about our partnerships and prospects.

Accesserator contracted 20th investor to help SME in Malawi grow

Already 20 investors took the step to work together with Accesserator in building SME in Malawi. Their investments, starting from € 1.000, are highly appreciated and more investors are showing interest in working with us. Because of our ambition to partner in 20 cases this year we keep on looking for new investors every day. Interested in working with Accesserator? Read more on our website or send us an email.

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