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Scaling up: Growing Your Small Medium Enterprise in Malawi

Accesserator, November 2019

Growing a business is not an easy feat. It can be a rollercoaster ride from having the viable business idea to raising capital for it and testing your product or service on the market and raising some more capital to scale your enterprise especially here in Malawi. Verne Harnish in his book Scaling Up said ... Read further

Numbers: Do you know how to count and keep score in your business?

Accesserator, December 2019

Numbers are the truth when it comes to your business. They strip the business bare, showing it out if it is going down and showing it off if it is on the up and up. Every entrepreneur should be able to know the numbers of their business and what they mean. This even becomes an important task for an ... Read further

Personal Interest: Do you prefer a lifestyle business or a growth business?

Accesserator, February 2020

Entrepreneurship is a mindset that has become a way of life among many people in the recent years. With the current digital revolution, access to information has become easy and many people picture themselves as entrepreneur by starting a business. This also means that anyone can research ... Read further

Pitching: Keys for Delivering a Great Impression to an Investor

Accesserator, March 2020

Pitching is an important skill you will need to possess as an entrepreneur and luckily it is a skill that one can master. Pitching is in essence selling your idea to (impact) investors and strategic partners, with the aim that people believe in you and your idea and to get any type of support in return. This can be capital, ... Read further

Unleash Talent: Interview in Nyenrode Magazine with our Founder

Nyenrode, April 2020

Robert Slijk has been active in Malawi since May 2016. He can rightfully be called a true entrepreneur. During his studies at Nyenrode he already started two businesses. Today he supplies unique socks, combines data and soccer, and began impact investing in Malawi under the name Accesserator. Read furhter

Value Proposition: There is so much more to discover Beyond Pricing

Accesserator, May 2020

For many first time entrepreneurs, the selling price of their products and services is the first differentiator they think of to compete in business. However, price is not all there is when it comes to selling offerings. The inclination for most of these entrepreneurs is to decrease their price (or begin with a low price) to ... Read further

Column: Update your road map for Africa to value the current status

Mirjam Vossen, June 2020

Our perceptions of Africa are not in sync with the fast changing reality on the continent. I argue that this is a problem. I spoke this column at ‘The Future of Investing in Africa’, an event organized by Accesserator and EMMA. If I say ‘Africa’, what image comes to your mind? Perhaps you think of ... Read Further

Scaling up: Break the Ring of Succession to reach the next level

Accesserator, June 2020

Be expected soon.

Finance: Choice between Equity or Debt involves ratio and emotions

Accesserator, July 2020

Be expected next month.