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Growing Your Small Medium Enterprise in Malawi

Growing a business is not an easy feat. It can be a rollercoaster ride from having the viable business idea to raising capital for it and testing your product or service on the market and raising some more capital to scale your enterprise especially here in Malawi. Verne Harnish in his book Scaling Up said that scaling up a business is like climbing a mountain. This is why you need a plan, with milestones that you can look forward as you journey your way to the top. You cannot have a precise plan that will go the way you imagined it, however that framework helps you to discern what you can be certain about and what you can deem as your uncertainty pointers. Read further

Numbers: Do you know how to count and keep score?

Numbers are the truth when it comes to your business. They strip the business bare, showing it out if it is going down and showing it off if it is on the up and up. Every entrepreneur should be able to know the numbers of their business and what they mean. This even becomes an important task for an entrepreneur who is running a small business. They need to know their costs inside out and know how they affect their revenues.

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Do you prefer a lifestyle business or a growth business?

Entrepreneurship is a mindset that has become a way of life among many people in the recent years. With the current digital revolution, access to information has become easy and many people picture themselves as entrepreneur by starting a business. This also means that anyone can research a business idea they have no experience in, or particular expertise in and find a way to start it and grow it.

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