We are proud that we have signed an agreement with four Malawian partners. For these cases we believe it will work out and a sustainable and profitable business will grow the coming years. Being a partner it means that Accesserator is co-owner of these companies, having a minority of shares.

Lelembwe Dairy Farm

At this moment we are partner in Lelembwe Dairy Farm in Thyolo, together with Henry Chipwere. The animal house is build and the first cows are there, producing milk. Production of milk stays behind and measurements to improve are not working.

Nthaka Poultry Farm

A start-up for professional production of eggs and chicken meat in the area of Blantyre. Godfrey Mfiti constructed the deep litters and raised a first batch of 2.000 chicken. Some setbacks were there in water shortage and feed making. At the moment the batches of chicks are raised and sold on weekly basis and tomatoes are planted for extra income.

Health Life Bee Farm

A start-up for honey production on a professional scale. The idea is to manage up to 200 bee hives in Nkhata Bay area and sell honey of an own brand, export quality. Lenford Msukwa hang around 80 hives in the forest at first and the first honey is harvested now.

Serenity Acres Farm

A start-up for a goat farm in Salima for production of milk and meat in combination with sweet potatoes. Selling livestock and milk at first to grow to a farm with its own butchery. The farm is up and running, about 150 goats are pregnant or gave bird. Field is ready for sweet potatoes and groundnuts planting.

Mchilika Horticultural Farm

Business upgrade in irrigated farming. Production of fruits and vegetables for market in the capital of Lilongwe, using land close to a river and an irrigation system. Irrigation system and greenhouse are constructed, first crops sold to test the market.

Likuni Green Farming

Scale-up of combined farm activities and the ambition to sell products in own outlet in Lilongwe town. Some products to become a renowned, national brand with a vision for a better environment. Animal houses, fence and borehole are constructed. Both chickens and pigs are already sold. Growing of vegetables is in a test phase.

CASDE Finance

Scale-up of exisiting microfinance institution to shift activities providing small loans to entrepreneurs. Status: agreement is signed with Patrick Namakhoma and Goodwell Logeya has been identified to lead daily operations.

Mzuzu Dairy

Revival of milk processing in Mzuzu for production of fresh milk, yoghurt, chambiko and more. Products to be sold as an own brand to supermarkets and others. Status: Partnership agreement signed with Denis Chitowe and equipment has arrived from China. Factory to be opened soon.


Start-up for large scale organic production of garlic and potatoes under irrigation to sell at once on wholesale. Status: Shareholders' agreement signed with the partners of Tikumbe farm produce.

Infinity Energy Solutions

Scale-up of exisiting briquettes making company. With professional machines for making briquettes of dust and organic waste this company provides a better and cheaper alternative to charcoal, with great environmental benefits. Status: Shareholders' agreement is signed with Nguyi Partners and Marumbo Kalua is ready to lead daily operations.

Wijays Enterprises

Start of a professional soap making company. The soap and detergents will be germ free and moslty organic. Herbs for the soap will be grown in cooperation with local farmers. Status: Shareholders' agreement is signed with Joyce Banda.

Honey Products Industries

Scale-up for processing honey on a large scale. HPI produces equipment for farmers to keep bees and produce raw honey. Raw honey is bought back and processed to a quality product for sale on retail. Status: Shareholders' agreement signed with the partners of HPI, Victor Mhango, John Paul Musa and Mathews Dunga, the latest ready to lead daily operations.

Truss Group

Start-up of making bricks from recycled plastics. A daring, profitable concept of cleaning Malawi from plastic waste by collecting plastics to make bricks. Health benefits caught in a sound business model. Status: Shareholders' agreement signed with Sachi Sah and Johan Maree.


We are always working on more partnerships to raise a next viable company in Malawi. For cases we believe it will work out, we intensively and seriously discuss those business cases with our partners. These prospects are the cases we hope to become a partnership soon. 

Nathi Poultry

Start-up for specialized production of chicken meat in Blantyre to compete with big companies and beat them on quality and price. Status: case is discussed with Happy Mphiphira.

SOL Solar

Scale-up for a business specialized in small scaled solar solutions. Offering all households affordable solar power and expand to more professionals systems for bigger buildings like offices and hospitals. Status: feasibilty is studied together with Maynard Nyirenda.

Logos - Open Culture

Scale-up of a business spreading Malawi's cultural heritage within Malawi and abroad. Music, film, books, all typically telling stories of Malawi will be within reach of numerous people. Status: Shareholders' agreement is almost ready to be signed with Muti and Rachel Etter-Phoya.

Long List

We are building our network in Malawi and are always looking for interesting business cases with Malawian partners. We have over 70 Malawians who showed interest in working with us. For cases that seem promising we intend to start a discussion that partner soon. Our capacity is limited so we fail to start all the discussions at once. Cases on our long list are our prospects of tomorrow.  

Agrivet Enterprise

Start-up of a special combined farm with livestock and crops that also produces biogas and biobased fertilizer. This company will aim for exportation quality of vegetables.

Pamadzi Farm

Start-up for a piggery to have a good quality breed and in time an own abattoir.

BFL Investments

Start-up to produce organic fertilizer from natural 'left-overs' as tobacco stems, sewage waste and animal droppings.


These are the organisations we work with