Kuwala Cooking Oil


Start-up to produce cooking oil from Malawian products as sunflowers, ground nuts and soya beans. With the ambition to become the biggest cooking oil producer of Malawi, and the first Malawian owned. Status: feasibility is studied together with George Phuza and agreement is made ready to sign.

Sunflower seeds

Oil press

Aimed location for factory

The business

Every household in Malawi uses cooking oil. Almost all cooking oil is now produced by big, foreign owned companies, who can hardly keep the production up with the demand. Kuwala cooking oil has the ambition to become the first Malawian owned brand broadly availble in the country. To start the production you need a small factory with some oil presses, raw materials that contain oil and packaging materials. The idea is to start producing small quantities for wholesale and grow from there, also in quality of the oil.

George Phuza