Likuni Green Farming


Scale-up of combined farm activities and the ambition to sell products in own outlet in Lilongwe town, Daily Fresh. Ambition for production of Mother's Choice meat products, to become a renowned, national brand with a vision for a better environment. Status: after signing the partnership agreement a lot of activities are taking place at the farm: construction of pig pens, chicken houses and biosecurity fence. Already 26 pigs are at the farm, 4 are pregnant and the first pig is sold in December. Also a scheme of broilers (chicken) is put in place to sell a few hundred chicken every week. A borehole is drilled, extra land purchased (a godsend) and biosecurity fence under construction. Vegetables are grown in a test phase. Next step is to produce vegetables on a large enough scale for better buyers.

Pigs at Likuni Green Farm

Chickens at Likuni Green Farm

Vegetables at Likuni Green Farm

The business

Peggy Ngwira already runs a successful business in meat products, selling it under the brand of Mother's Choice. And she is co-owner of the outlet Daily Fresh in Lilongwe. With a good eye for the environment, e.g. also selling manure, she wants to scale-up her business activities. The idea is to raise a farm with a mix of activities. The farm will have both livestock and crops. Raising pigs and chicken means meat products to be sold under the brand name Mother's Choice can be produced with own livestock, guaranteeing best quality. Vegetables and fruit production will be according to direct sales information from Daily Fresh and other buyers like supermarkets and restaurants. Production of vegetables will be irrigated and partly in greenhouses.


Start capital needed for this farm is around € 32.000 and will be provided by Accesserator. The land and some infrastructure for this farm and operational management is provided by Peggy Ngwira. Faggy Investments (Peggy's company) and Accesserator are the shareholders of Likuni Green Farming, Faggy Investments owns 60% of the shares and Accesserator 40%. Revenues can rise high because of broad options for diversification in products, from third year focus will be on making profits. From the second year onwards Accesserator will sell 10% of its shares. After 5 years Faggy Investments will be the sole owner of Likuni Green Farming.

Peggy at her Daily Fresh outlet

Likuni Green Farming team

Chicken house under construction

Storing feed