Mchilika Horticultural Farm


Business upgrade in irrigated farming. Production of fruits and vegetables for market in the capital of Lilongwe, using land close to a river and an irrigation system. Production will partly be in greenhouses. Status: After signing the partnership agreement Christopher Beya started full speed with the construction of an irrigation system. Seeds for all types of vegetables were planted and the banana planttation is revived. Unfortunately the steel platform for the irrigation reservoirs collapsed, no one got hurt. The platform will be rebuild, this time a construction from solid bricks. Seedlings have been transplanted and irrigated, water is for the time being pumped directly into the system. The first greenhouse is constructed. Crops to be sold from next month onwards.

Bananas watered with sprinkler

First greenhouse

Growing crops protected from animals

The business

This already excisting family farm wants to upgrade to large scale irrigated farming. The farm is now owned by Christopher Beya, an experienced agriculturalist. The farm will aim for professional production of fruits and vegetables for markets in the capital of Lilongwe. The farm already owns a big piece of land close to a perennial river in Mchinji distict and will use an irrigation system. Market research on best sold fruits and vegetables in Lilongwe will be done. Fruits will probably be bananas and papayas. Vegetables could be cauliflower, tomatoes, beans or cabbages.
The idea is to make a solid irrigation system and get the land fenced piece by piece. The fence is needed to protect growing vegetables from being eaten by wandering around livestock. The more vulnerable vegetables will partly be produced in greenhouses with dripkits.


Start capital needed for this farm is around € 22.000 and will be provided by Accesserator. The land for this farm and operational management is provided by Christopher Beya. Christopher and Accesserator are the shareholders of Mchilika Horticultural Farm, Christopher owns 60% of the shares and Accesserator 40%. Revenues will go up to € 150.000/year from the fourth year onwards. From the second year onwards Accesserator will sell 10% of its shares. After 5 years Christopher Beya will be the sole owner of Mchilika Horticultural Farm.

Christopher Beya at his fields

Construction of greenhouse

Seeds germinating

Irrigation system with pipes