SOL Solar


Scale-up for a business specialized in small scaled solar solutions. Offering all households affordable solar power and expand to more professionals systems for bigger buildings like offices and hospitals. Status: feasibilty is studied together with Maynard Nyirenda.

Small lighting system for rural areas

Solar irrigation system

Home power system for urban areas

The business

Electricity is a maior issue in Malawi and one of the most important conditions for development. The national grid is not meeting the demand and by far not available for everyone. Other solutions are needed and solar power is a real promising one. SOL Solar wants to scale up its activities providing more rural areas with small scale solar systems and power soluations for households and bigger consumers like hospitals. Using SOL's existing network, training of engineers and having the right marketing strategy in place this can happen. Big challenge is to purchase equipment in larger volumes directly from manufacturers.

Maynard Nyirenda