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Accesserator and Business Development Services (BDS)

Bridging to gap to fulfill your dream

You have a dream of solving a problem and adding value to the people of Malawi. This dream, or adding value can be done in many ways. You can buy day old chicks, feed them and sell broilers (or other livestock off course). You can produce vegetables from seeds/seedlings. Make ketchup from tomatoes, or peanut butter from ground nuts. And even produce electricity from the sun. But mostly we are curious about your ideas!

In a business case it's important to look for the right way to start. For us a business should start as small as possible to minimize financial risks, but big enough to be able to grow fast and be profitable. We know this requires some good thinking, together we will make it work.

Accesserator Team ready to help

Accesserator Team in Malawi is ready to help you in developing your business ideas. Feel welcome to reach out to us, and be aware we might also reach out to you as we are constantly looking for great Malawian entrepreneurs to work with.
At this part of the website already give you a helping hand in dveloping business plans.

How to pitch your business idea

On the right there are our tips for the perfect pitch.

What's in a business plan

Accesserator can help you to make and perfect your business plan. We have a great understanding how to guide business to a next step and how to make thjem investment ready. A good business plan explains the subjects in the infographic below.