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Accesserator and investing

Accesserator as investment partner

Accesserator is interested in investing in viable and profitable business cases. A business case can be about any subject. Two things are important: a business case must be about adding value and a business must be able to grow.

Accesserator works in partnerships. A partnership means we will own the business together. As a partner Accesserator can add knowledge, capital and network to a business. For what Accesserator provides, we want shares in the business in return.

Accesserator normally asks for 40% of the shares, meaning you will always have the majority of shares. This co-ownership is temporarily, Accesserator will withdraw fully in a 5 years period of time, by selling back all shares. Working in a partnership like this is the best way of starting a business and make it sustainable. And to be clear, Accesserator is not a bank, Accesserator doesn't provide loans.

Accesserator Offices do the selection of business cases on investment readiness. Accesserator offers you the opportunity to pitch your business idea and receive valuable feedback, see here on the right how that works.