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How we invest in Malawian businesses

All subjects can be suitable as a business case, but in Malawi most cases are about agri-business. We screen business cases on three aspects: finance, person, impact. It goes like this: a Malawian entrepreneur sends his ideas to us by email, we read it and respond with our reflection and if it's a potential feasible case with a few first questions. After that we soon have a 'meeting' by Skype.

How does Accesserator make an investment profitable? We really take share in a business. We don't just provide loans and chase refunds, we are not a bank. We've developed a method that by having a share of the profit (dividend) and selling back our shares to our partner (exit strategy) for all parties the business will be profitable. Key is the valuation of a business and thereby its shares. In this method our partner is able to buy a part of our shares from the profit he (or she) makes. Because the valuation depends on the annual profit, we never ask our partner to pay us something we know he doesn't have.

We agree on a partnership for 5 years, creating time the first year to get a business working. We believe in a country with as much challenges as Malawi this start-up year is crucial. Accesserator always has a minority of shares. After the first year we reduce our involvement step by step with the ultimate goal our Malawian partner becomes completely independent and the sole owner of the business.

How you can invest in Malawian businesses

If you are interested in working with Accesserator to make a business case work, that is possible. We are looking for investors for these business cases . At this moment we are looking for loans to make our next step by realising three new partnerships in small scaled businesses.

  • you commit yourself to a case for 5 years
  • we agree on a scheme to pay back the loan with interest
  • we can discuss a fixed or variable interest rate

Growing bigger we think of letting investors really participate in our cases. Participation in a case means you take share in a business. You do so by buying certificates in Accesserator. All certificates are linked to all our business cases. A certificate gives you the right to share in the profit of our cases, it's not giving you any control over Accesserator.

  • you commit yourself to a case for 5 years
  • by selling back your certificates to Accesserator you get your return on investment
  • having certificates in Accesserator means you share in dividend of the business cases of Accesserator

For this moment selling certificates is too complicated and too expensive for the scale we operate on.

More information about the selection of cases and how you can participate is in our brochure.

Brochure Accesserator

The first investors signed a contract for a loan with Accesserator. These investors provided the start capital for Nthaka Poultry Farm. More cases are open for investments, so if you want to invest in the cases of Accesserator as well, that's possible from now.

Pim van den Berg signing his contract