Management consultancy & finance



We are proud that we have signed an agreement with fourteen Malawian partners. For these cases we believe it will work out and a sustainable and profitable business will grow the coming years. Being a partner it means that Accesserator is co-owner of these companies, having a minority of shares.


We are always working on more partnerships to raise a next viable company in Malawi. For cases we believe it will work out, we intensively and seriously discuss those business cases with our partners. These prospects are the cases we hope to become a partnership soon.

Skylo Farms

Scale-up for a crop production business for irrigated production of garlic, ginger and later bananas. Status: agreement to be discussed with Prince Levi representing Kuwala Farm.

Itumba Garments

Scale-up for Malawian quality clothes production to compete with international brands. Dresses, shirts and even suits to be made of fine fabrics. Status: agreement to be discussed with Sam Silumbu


Scale-up of an innovative concept for building bricks made from soil. An environmental friendly answer on the ban on burned bricks. Status: feasibilty is studied together with Chiku Chikoti.

Long List

We are building our network in Malawi and are always looking for interesting business cases with Malawian partners. We have over 70 Malawians who showed interest in working with us. For cases that seem promising we intend to start a discussion that partner soon. Our capacity is limited so we fail to start all the discussions at once. Cases on our long list are our prospects of tomorrow.  

First Wave Cement Blocks

Scale-up for production of cement blocks to be used in construction, to ban the burned bricks in Malawi..


Scale-up for production of yoghurt, fresh and special tastes available.


Concept for spreading solar electricity in rural areas, growing it to bigger solar solutions.


Scale-up for outdoor advertising (bill boards) and other outdoor media activities.


Scale-up for vegetable products from soy, including soy milk.