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Start-up for large scale organic production of garlic and potatoes under irrigation to sell at once on wholesale.
Status: After signing the shareholders' agreement Hope Maliro took the lead on behalf of Tikumbe farm produce to start preparing the land and planting seeds. Being all organic also special seeds for both potatoes and garlic had to be acquired. All seedlings are now transplanted and 2 ha of potatoes is growing to be harvested in June/July and 2 ha of garlic is growing for harvest in September. All to be sold to MOGA on contract already acquired.

Hope at field prepared for potatoes

Seedlings well protected

Tobacco stems as organic manure

The business

Organic production of crops is slowly growing in Malawi as there is more and more understanding this is more beneficial for environment, the land and profits. This business will grow organic garlic and potatoes under irrigation. In malawi there is a big buyer of organic crops that are exported. At the moment this buyer is still looking for more organic products grown in Malawi. A good way to kick-start this business, while also looking for other markets and other, organically grown, products. The business will start with 2 hectares of garlic and 2 hectares of potatoes and will grow to 8 ha of crops in 5 years, mostly garlic.

Perennial river bordering the land