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Health Life Bee Farm


A start-up for honey production on a professional scale. The idea is to manage up to 200 bee hives in Nkhata Bay area and sell honey of an own brand, export quality. We signed a partnership agreement with Lenford Msukwa and started building this business. First step is to construct and hang the bee hives, 80 in total this first year. Materials (special needs) arrived from South Africa and together with a local carpenter and with local timber the hives are constructed now. Hives are hung in the forest and with the help of catch boxes bee colonies are tempted to occupy the hives.
First 'bee season' gave almost 70 kg of honey. Some honey was lost to honey badgers and ants, natural 'enimies' of this farm. Lenford is now establishing a honey farm building to be able to process the honey according to MBS standards. More hives are to be made soon, for coming flowering season this April.

Video of Health Life Bee Farm

Lenford Msukwa with a bee hive

Bee hives ready to go into the forest

Honey farm house

The business

This farm is about producing honey on a professional scale. The business plan of Health Life Bee Farm contains a growth path towards 200 bee hives in a forest close to Nkhata Bay, starting with 80 bee hives the first year. At first the whole content of a bee hive will be sold to wholesale. After this first phase Health Life Bee Farm will process the honey to a brand of its own and will become proficient in producing honey. The aim is to be ready to sell jars of honey in the domestic market and for export.


Starting this bee farm requires a capital investment of about € 10.000, provided bij Accesserator. Lenford Msukwa (60% shares) and Accesserator (40% shares) will be the shareholders of this farm. Lenford will manage the farm himself. The first year will be a start-up year with no profits. Second year profits will be made. From the second year onwards Accesserator will sell 10% of its shares at the end of the financial year. After 5 years Lenford Msukwa will be the sole owner of Health Life Bee Farm.

Bee hive production

Lenford in bee suit and with honey extractor

Constructing bee hives

First hives hanging in the forest