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Nthaka Poultry Farm


A start-up for professional production of eggs and chicken meat in the area of Blantyre. After meeting Godfrey and discussing this case thoroughly with him we are both confident this case is feasible and can be profitable. Focus will be on egg production in second year, combined with meat production to spread risks and have quick revenues. Chicken will be held in deep litters, a free range system where chickens are allowed to move freely and access feeding troughs and water. Fence and deep litters were built before Christmas and the first 2.000 day-old chicks are raised and being sold at the moment. Sales encoutered some difficulties because of the chicken not having the right weight. Lack of water because the borehole broke down is probably the cause. New broilers are bought in smaller batches on weekly basis to have better control in sales. Feeding the chickens is improved and monitored. Being in a partnership we were able to overcome this hick-up together.
At the end of 2018 the farm has again 1.200 chickens and has planted tomatoes to make extra profits on the idle land. 2019 will be a year to look forward again a make a plan to grow the business, still eager to go into egg production.

Video of Nthaka Poultry Farm

Godfrey in front of chicken house

Nthaka Poultry farm at Lunzu

Raise of 2.000 broilers

The business

This farm is about producing both eggs and chicken meat. Starting with one deep litter for layers and one deep litter for broilers. In three years it will grow to a farm with four deep litters, of which three are meant for layer hens. Growth from there will be discussed that time. One deep litter can contain 1.000-2.000 chickens depending on size, meaning egg production goes can over 500.000 eggs in year three. Broilers can be raised and sold 8 times a year, ranging 5.000 to 20.000 broilers a year. We built bigger deep litters as planned and have decided to start with first raising three batches of broilers, about 10.000 in total, for quick revenues and see the way forward from there.
Chicken are held in a free range system, a deep litter, respecting animal welfare and producing manure as a by product. The use of manure will reduce the use of fertilizer. Eggs and broilers will be sold to wholesale and by window sales at the farm. Demand for chicken products is big in Malawi, supply is limited and can come as far as from Mozambique at the moment.


Starting this poultry farm requires a capital investment of € 16.500, provided bij Accesserator. The land for this farm and operational management is provided by Godfrey Mfiti. Godfrey and Accesserator are the shareholders of Nthaka Poultry Farm, Godfrey owns 60% of the shares and Accesserator 40%. The first year will be a start-up year with no profits. Second year profits will be made and with the forseen growth from the third year onwards yearly profits will be solid. From the second year onwards Accesserator will sell 10% of its shares at the end of the financial year. After 5 years Godfrey Mfiti will be the sole owner of Nthaka Poultry Farm.

Godfrey and Michael at tomatoes

Feed in store

Roadside sign