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Phindu Agri-Solutions


Shareholders' agreement signed July 2019 with Wellington Chatepa and Humphrey Ndhlovu, the first to lead daily operations. Organic fertilizer is maturing on the spot now while pelleting machine is to be delivered. In October first organic fertilizer pellets are aimed to be sold at start of Malawi's growing season. Meanwhile farmers around Blantyre are explained the benefits of using organic fertilizer. All was set on the production site and manufacturing on organic fertilizer started in October. First batch of 50kg bags of organic fertilizer was delivered to Agro dealers, ready for sale.

Raw materials for organic fertilizer

Production of pellets

Sensitizing farmers using organic

The business

Start-up for processing organic waste into organic fertilzer, to stop the use of chemical fertilizers that are exhausting farm fields instead of enriching these. Organic waste (mainly chicken droppings) is collected, mixed in a special formula and left to dry and mature. Matured fertilizer is made into pellets with a special machine and packaged for sale. To be picked up, delivered or sold through agro-dealers.

First production going to agro-dealer