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Serenity Acres Farm


A start-up for a goat farm in Salima producing both milk and meat. The farm will have animal houses, storage for milk and a fenced pasture where the goats can graze. The farm will also grow sweet potatoes. Agreement was signed during a visit of Accesserator in Malawi beginning of March. At the moment the fence is there and the goat houses are constructed. First goats arrived end of April and now there are up to 170 goats. Next step is preparing land for sweet potatoe cultivation, installing the solar powered fridges and excavating a well for drinking water in this dry season. Great news that almost all female goats got pregnant and over 100 new goats are born. Unsatisfactorily is that the breed of goats used is not suited for milk production. For milk another breed of goats will be introduced in 2019.
At this moment sweet potatoes and groundnuts (an extra idea from Brian) are in the ground and growing. A scheme for goat reproduction and sales is made, as further plans for 2019.

Video of Serenity Acres Farm

Goat houses

Sweet potatoes in the field

Brian at field ready for potatoes

The business

The farm will have animal houses and a fenced pasture where the goats can graze. In dry season the goats will be fed additionally. At first goats are sold as livestock, both for meat and for breeding purposes in e.g. pass on schemes by NGO's. The milk is sold to goat milk processors who will collect the milk weekly. The farm will have the facility off storing at least one week milk production in a cooling tank. Electricity will be provided by a solar system. The farm will also grow sweet potatoes, unsold parts of the potatoes will be used as goat feed.
In the third year a slaughtering facility will be added to the farm to start selling a small percentage of the goats as meat products. The farm will start with 100 adult goats for milk and reproduction and 100 small goats for meat. From there the farm will grow to about 1.000 goats and a production of 150 litres of milk daily. Goat meat is on high demand in Malawi, also being more affordable than beef. Goat milk is processed into cheese and also fresh milk to serve an upcoming market.


Starting this goat farm requires a capital investment of about € 23.000, provided bij Accesserator. The land for this farm is rented and operational management is provided by Brian Kashisa. Brian and Accesserator are the shareholders of Serenity Acres Farm, Brian owns 60% of the shares and Accesserator 40%. The first year will be a start-up year with no profits. Second year profits will be made and with the forseen growth from the third year onwards yearly profits can go up to € 50.000. From the second year onwards Accesserator will sell 10% of its shares at the end of the financial year. After 5 years Brian Kachisa will be the sole owner of Serenity Acres Farm.  

Brian and his team

Sweet potato vines

Newly borns

Sign at entrance Serenity Acres