Management consultancy & finance

About us

We are Accesserator, three professionals who see opportunities for doing business with Africa and especially Malawi. We bring knowledge and skills to the people, next to the needed money for starting a business. Welcome to our way of doing business in Africa.

We are moved by African landscapes and touched by the Malawian people. We understand that we can learn from them. For instance their strengths and will-power to move forward in difficult circumstances, by living with only basic needs and take life as it comes. As we are born in a part of the world where people have many chances to make something of their lives, we realize this is a virtue and only given because of this birth right. We have the luxury to take a lot of basic resources as food, health, housing and education for granted, and don’t have to choose between them. This gives us the freedom to aspire our individual balance in People, Planet and Profit. We wish the Malawian people the same joy in having this freedom by adding economic value to their lives and areas they live in.

What we want to achieve

One way of reaching freedom in the balance of People, Planet, Profit is increasing buying power. For a region, or a country as a whole that means economical growth. We believe that this growth will attract more economic activities and more prosperity. Thus, more freedom in making your own choices. For people in Malawi this is the beginning and should have a permanent impact.

How we work together

We want to develop businesses, based on an equal relationship with local entrepreneurs. These businesses fulfil local, regional and African needs, but always have their roots in Malawi. We bring knowledge and skills to the people, next to the finance for starting a business. We work in partnerships and become a shareholder in the business. Our share is serious but temporarily, with an exit strategy to leave a sustainable business in about 5 years.

Why Malawi

Malawi as a country has political stability and is in peace with other countries. The people we know are positive about their country and looking for opportunities. We see possibilities that some of them are willing to make a step and start a business. And we see possibilities to extend our network in Malawi.

Professionals of Accesserator

Maarten Verboven

Owner and Executive Director. Experienced project manager in water, environment and spatial planning.

Robert Slijk

Owner and Executive Director. Business analyst and controller for start-ups and SME.

Patrick Namakhoma

Blantyre Office and Country Director Malawi. Agricultural specialist and experienced implementer of projects.