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Have a better tomorrow if you refuse to fail

Even though our offices are temporarily closed, we as Accesserator are still working from home looking to make a positive difference in the lives of SMEs in Malawi. Many uncertainties make it difficult to know what tomorrow brings. For some, tomorrow determines whether they close their business, others face unemployment. But it doesn't have to be that way if we can be resourceful and refuse to fail. We always believe to start with what one has and it's where we are offering to help co-create tomorrow.

We are offering both our existing and potential partners hope by asking how we can help them re-design the business plan or model and pivot it for existence when tomorrow comes. We believe together we can be the change that impacts the lives of many people positively and hopefully, this will yield great benefits as we look forward to tomorrow.

Measurements for COVID-19 of Accesserator partners

Our companies have to deal with COVID-19 restrictions as well. That's indeed not easy in some cases, but it also leads to creative solutions...

Mzuzu Dairy off course takes special hygienic measurements at production facility, but also came up with a special herbal milk to build a stronger immune system. See also the LinkedIn post.
PlayWorld made a special setup for safely playing games during COVID-19. It means the number of screens are reduced to allow only a number of players that can keep the right distance from each other. Players are to wash hands before and after playing and no spectators allowed. Unfortunately playing VR games is suspended as putting on the 'VR-glasses' comes with touching faces.

Another day not at the office...

To stay healthy and prevent COVID-19 from spreading Accesserator staff works from home, both in Malawi and The Netherlands. Nice home office spaces are created to safeguard both personal space and have a sound working environment. Sometimes even garden places. Accesserator offices are closed for visitors, but all digital channels are open and we have people now pitching their business idea by video call. See also our post on LinkedIn about working from home.