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The Accesserator Story

Accesserator has learned so many things being active in the Malawian entrepreneurial ecosystem for more than 4 years now. And we are still learning every day. Not everything we touch turns into gold, as it never works for starting companies. Actually our story of starting and growing Accesserator is quite similar to the journeys our 14 investments are experiencing, we are just the 15th company to take to the next level.

We want to share our story and learnings to all interested and to be of benefit for the Malawian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our story has a storyline, a metaphore, examples and key take aways. We will present our story chapter by chapter, to make it a journey as well for our readers. In the end all chapters will be brought together. This January 2021 our first chapter is released in January and Chapter 6 is now online, enjoy reading it!

Sneak preview

Since the start of Accesserator in 2016, we checked almost all boxes of a start-up; fast journey towards Mt. Stupid, joyful descent to the Valley of Death and iterative exploration on the Slope of Enlightenment. For 2021 we plan to continue this way up to become a sustainable business that enables young Malawian entrepreneurs to take this journey by themselves. We hold on to our mission!